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What are others saying about the community

"I've been able to reach out and ask a group of men who are interested in growing themselves. I get access to a diverse group of men who are trusted, wise and insightfull." - Jerad Spencer - General Sales Manager, Twin City Nissan

Jerad Spencer Sales Manager - Nissan

"It's not good for men to be alone". Making new friendships and connections with men who are going through similar challenges is easy in The Community - Curt Stowers - President, F5 Financial Planning.

Curt Stowers F5 Financial Planning

What you get with the community every month

    • "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn. In The Community, you connect with mentors and trusted advisors like Aaron Walker a premier life and business coach, President and Founder of View From The Top.
    • You will meet weekly on a private group webinar to ask questions and engage on a scheduled topic vital to your personal growth as a man.
    • You'll access a private community site and forum where you can connect with others, ask questions and share your insights.
    • You'll be invited to exclusive local meet up on the men in the Community.
    • You'll read a foundational book each month with The Community. Then you will have the unique opportunity to join an online discussion with men of The Community. Often Aaron has the author of the book on the live call.
    • You'll connect with like minded men from around the world. You will have mentors, and you will be a mentor. You will be held accountable for the goals you set and share.
    • The monthly investment is just $57 per month. Like everything from View From The Top, your satisfaction is guaranteed. There are no long-term commitments.

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